Anglo American Annual Report thumbnail

Anglo American
Annual Report 2008

Anglo digs in the ground for buried treasure. IA, production, and lots of front-end code.*

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AstraZeneca Annual Report thumbnail

Annual Report 2008

Code, production management, accessibility testing, and deployment.*

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Blackbox Republic website thumbnail

Blackbox Republic

Lots of XHTML, CSS, and jQuery for both the public site and members-only pay site.

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Department of Safety website thumbnail

Department of Safety

Designed and coded this Textpattern-powered site for multidisciplinary art space in Anacortes, WA

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Fields Wild Salmon website thumbnail

Fields Wild Salmon

Simple microsite designed for salmon fishing family in Kodiak, AK

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Heineken Annual Report thumbnail

Annual Report 2008

Produced online annual report for Heineken, the world’s 3rd largest brewery*

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HSBC Annual Review thumbnail

Annual Review 2008

Managed production and deployment of HSBC’s 2008 online annual review

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National Grid Annual Report thumbnail

National Grid
Annual Report 2008/09

Managed front-end production and deployment of National Grid’s 2008/09 annual report*

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Premier League - Creating Chances thumbnail

Premier League Creating Chances newsletter

People in the UK are really into this thing called football.*

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Operation Fact Check thumbnail

Operation Fact Check

I designed and coded this microsite for the ‘Yes on Measures 66 and 67’ campaign in Oregon.

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The People Speak thumbnail

The People Speak

Simple front-end XHTML/CSS build for The People Speak in London, UK

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Unilever Annual Review thumbnail

Unilever Annual
Review/Report/SFS 2008

Front-end lead on a triumverate of 2008 reporting sites for food and hygiene giant Unilever*

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United In Diversity thumbnail

United In Diversity?

Design and HTML/CSS for Addison’s 2007 research piece*

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Veneer Magazine thumbnail

Veneer Magazine

Various designs and HTML/CSS/JS builds for editions of Veneer Magazine.
I didn’t make that table.

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Vodafone Annual Report thumbnail

Annual Report 2008/09

Produced and coded 2008 online report for global telecommunications company*

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WPP Annual Report thumbnail

Annual Report 2008

WPP actually stands for "Wire and Plastic Products," no joke!*

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* Projects marked with an asterisk were produced while working as Interaction Director for Addison in London from 2007-2009.

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Services offered:

  • Website and interface design
  • Front-end coding and development
  • IA/wireframing/site planning
  • Accessibility testing
  • Blog/CMS integration
  • Digital project management
  • Creative planning

Areas of expertise:

  • HTML/CSS hand coding
  • JavaScript/jQuery functionality
  • Cross-platform/browser compliance
  • Coding to WCAG standards
  • Search engine optimization
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Coda, Subversion, Dreamweaver, Illustrator
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Alex with a cigar

Hi everyone. This is me, Alex. I don’t actually like cigars that much, but hey, I was at a beautiful wedding in Slovenia.

I’ve been designing and building websites for about 9 years now, developing an interest in web standards in the early ‘oughties’ and coding my first table-less site in 2001. From 2007-2009, I was employed as Interaction Director by Addison Corporate Marketing in London, planning and developing high-profile reporting sites against extremely tight deadlines for clients such as HSBC, Vodafone, Unilever, Heineken, RBS, and AstraZeneca. I wore many hats in this particular role — information architect, lead front-end developer, freelance team manager, and designer — but I primarily consider myself a ‘front-end web designer and developer’.

This means that I can totally design your user interface and hand-code it using the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript techniques, but I can’t program your database-driven dynamic social networking app in .NET/PHP/Ruby/etc. For that sort of thing, we’ll need to work with a back-end developer.

In September, 2009, I returned to my beautiful hometown of Portland, Oregon, and I’m currently seeking front-end web work with clever companies and ingenious individuals, wherever you may be.

I enjoy designing usable and elegant stuff for the web. I like to write clean, accessible code. I love to work with smart people on challenging and compelling projects. I thrive in collaborative environments, but I feel equally comfortable working independently to achieve tight deadlines and deliverables. Sound good? Contact me!

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